Twin Flames – The Universe is Asking You: Do You Remember ?


Dear Twin Flames,

you and your Divine Counterpart are working in UNION as a team. You have this bond, energetically bond that’s hardly to be seen by 3D eyes, but could be seen through your inner eyes and strongly feel in your Soul.

A strong team trust in each other, a strong team have faith in each other. You and your Divine Counterpart are working energetically side by side.
If one counterpart is doubting on this bond, the energetical bond automatically weakend, the team isn’t solid and so strong anymore.

And the most often obstacles are, the most often interference is to “shake your trust in and on your Divine Counterpart”, to make you doubting in this energetically bond.
This bond is always there Twin Flames, if you go into your heart space, if you letting go your ego mind’s chatter and the “illusion of 3D pictures and images”, you can feel this bond so strongly and see it astrally, in 5D.

Twin Flames are here and working here on the Earth as a “big” team. Each team and each Twin Flame is component of a bigger team. Twin Flame are spreading the “seeds” of the unconditional Love all around this globe. When Twin Flames bonds working intactly and strong, it will make a huge change in the entire Universe – based on unconditional love. Because again, the Twin Flame’s mission is particularly anchoring the Template of Unconditional Love on Earth – the type of romantic relationship in 5D version – so you can call it in your 3D language. The “romantic relationship” which we know and see in the world are mostly  based on codependency, identity and status, as if each person engage in a relationship’s bond due their personification, instead of their Soul. The Twin Flame’s connection is the Soul’s connection. Which is mostly – not fit in, have no definition – in the 3D world, 3D identities, But that is exactly what the Twin Flames are, to bring back the true connection Soul to Soul, to purify the “world’s image, 3D’s perception” of what we call a romantic connection.

Lightworkers Starseeds and Twin Flames working hand in hand to restore the innate and outer beauty of Planet Earth…in our Ascension Process. Could you imagine how wonderful it is for our blue Planet “Gaia” and the whole Universe?

The Universe

Love and Light

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