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Twin Flame – Where Did The First Encounter Imagery Come From

Dear Twin Flames,

the Universe gave me a short download (channeled message).
Before I come to the message … Are you sometimes still wondering, why it seems that you had already seen/knew or had got dreams about your first encounter with your Twin Flame (Divine Counterpart), before you eventually met her/him in 3D reality?

I myself had got the imagery about 1 year before I met my Twin in 3D, even I didn’t know yet about Twin Flames. But what came to my imagery was the place, even until the floor and the detail situations in which I would meet my “soulmate”. Back then, it was like daydreaming, but the imagery had appeared again and again, and each time it felt like very real and the imagery became more and more clear every time I daydreamed about that. Even though I didn’t see or get the imagery of the person (who he is).

Just now, I got a short download (channeled message) from the Universe about the first encounter imagery with your Twin Flame (Divine Counterpart):

“It was Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self and the Universe who had sent you this imagery message to Your Higher Self.”

Love and Light

Picture Pixabay

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