Allgemein channeling Spiritual

Twin Flames Energy Update – Let The Emotions Flow

Dear Twin Flames,

at this time the humanity are purging all lower vibrational energies, all dysfunctional energies that they have and had been “created and collected” from this lifetime and past lives.
Individually, if you have been highly triggered by your Divine Counterpart (Twin Flame) in the last few weeks or days, allow these emotions come up into the surface, allow these supressed emotions flow out through you. It is okay feeling sad, sorrow, anger, just accept it, acknowledge it, and then transmute these energies, release them back to the Universe.

It doesn’t mean that your Twin Flame (in his or her 3D vessel) wants to hurt you, it is your Twin Flame’s Higher Self as well as your own Higher Self and the Universe all together had pre-planned and orchestrated these 3D scenes. In order to clear and purge all karmic baggages, all that is not love (low vibrational energies), closing all karmic cycles, and anchoring the 5D Template’s of unconditional love – love without condition – in this New 3D Earth. Stand in your light and truth, but keep your love in your heart for your Twin Flame/Divine Counterpart.

Light and love

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