Allgemein Spiritual

Full Moon – Chakra Energy for Divine Feminine

Dear Divine Feminines,

I have asked a guidance for the this current time from the Chakra Reading Cards – Rachlele Charman.

The energy to support your Twin Flame Journey to balance and heal is


Soul Star Chakra (This 8th Chakra is located above your head, approx. 6 inches above the crown chakra).

You have the Divine Wisdom of the universe available to you at all times. As you may know, you are deeply connected to and an expression of the Divine Light of the universe. The Divine Light has within it the powerful knowledge and wisdom of the cosmos. This light is all-knowing, wise and all loving intelligence light. You are reminded at this time that this wisdom is your fingertips, that you are made up of this wisdom and that is runs through your blood. You can access it at will.

Love and Light

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