Allgemein Spiritual

Current Energy for Divine Masculine and Twin Flames

Dear Twin Flames,

this card is the current energy for Divine Masculines and the guidance for Twin Flames Journey. It means, Divine Feminines are being asked to take a look at their relationships (especially with themselves).


Sacral Chakra

You have attracted this card into your awareness today as it is a powerful time and opportunity to deepen relationships.
Relationships are the way we connect to all things in our world, not just people. This could be a relationship with yourself, your partner, your family, friends, pets, creative projects, your home and your community. For things to grow, expand and to be healthy, your relationships need to be fed and nurtured. Now is a good time to see which bonds require some more love and attention and assess the ones that are not so healthy for you at this time. What awareness is required to shift the energy around any challenging relationships? What do you need to assess or what do you need to express or this relationship to heal?

Love and Light

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