Allgemein Spiritual

Union Happens Within You

Dear Twin Flames,

The core understanding of Twin Flame Union is that you don’t need your Divine Counterpart to be with your first then you can be happy,
It is not that you hope or wait your Divine Counterpart supports you first, then you feel empowered and find strength within you.
It is not that your Divine Counterpart gives you attention, validation first then you feel satisfy and worthy.
It’s all begin with you first. It means you feel happy first regardless your Divine Counterpart contacting you, reaching out to you or not.
You feel empowered, excited and find your strength within you even without your Divine Counterpart.
You give yourself attention, validation, good take care of yourself, you love and approve yourself without needing attentions, validation and approval from your Divine Counterpart.
In other words you feel complete, whole within yourself.

Your Twin Flame is You. And if you love your Twin Flame it means that You are in Alignment with You, yourself.
The Twin Flame Relationship is a relationship between you and you, yourself.
When your relationship between you and yourself come into alignment, you come into Union within yourself.
As long as you are still seeking, needing, looking for approval outside you, yourself = from other people, you are out of alignment, you are not in Union with yourself.
As long as you need your Divine Counterpart to “complete” you, you are not whole within yourself.

If you are whole within yourself, you are in alignment with who you are, and at that point, you feel complete regardless what your Divine Counterpart says, does, behaves, whether he/she is with you or not. And paradoxically if you kind of don’t “need” your Twin Flame/Divine Counterpart, the Union happens. Because you already reached your Union with yourself.

light and love

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