Allgemein Spiritual

If You Seek Guidance Relating To A Situation

Dear Ones,

if there is any situation in your life, which makes you seeking for an answer, help or/guidance, this message from the Goddess of Compassion Kuan Yin is for you.


“There are times on the Path that we can greatly benefit from assistance from others. In fact these times are almost always! A true spiritual teacher, guru, guide or healer has the same role – to connect you with conscious awareness to your own inner light so that you may come to realise the spiritual power, authority and beauty that you are in truth is the same spiritual power, authority and beauty that you may see and honour in them!

Sometimes we might need an external guide to help us make that connection. Sometimes we are closer to our own divine wisdom than we counsciously realise and yet we fall into a habit of believing that others may know more of what is good or true for us than we do ourselves. Sometimes out of habit and conditioning, it is just easier to see the divine light in others than within your own heart.

This Oracle has come to you to guide you to trust that your own inner teacher is growing stronger, that you have more spiritual wisdom than you may have previously acknowledged and that you will benefit greatly from heeding your own heart’s guidance at this time.”

light and love

From Kuan Yin Oracle – Alana Fairchild

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