Allgemein Spiritual

Twin Flame – Divine Masculine Current Energy

Dear Twin Flames,

the energies during Lion’ s Gate (26 July – 12 August and after) were very, very intense. Kundalini rising, ringing in the ear(s), vivid dreams and the need to just taking time alone, meditate more. As I asked Spirit where the Divine Masculines are at this current moment, this is the current energy for Divine Masculine:


Crown Chakra

You have pulled this card into your reality today a it’s powerful time of spiritual awakening. The whole planet and everything on it is waking up slowly from a big sleep. The ancients called it the time of Awakening. Our hearts are opening andexpanding to experence a deeper sense of love and wisdom. This time is an important rite of passage for you and you are waking to a deeper sense of your spiritual being. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable and challenging, however always remember that through these challenges you have the ability to grow. You are being asked to let go of anything that is stopping you from experiencing this deep connection at present. It’s time to discard old beliefs and bring in new ones that support your growth.

light and love

From the Chakra Reading Cards – Rachelle Charman

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