Allgemein channeling Spiritual

Channeled Message – When Divine Feminine Surrender

Dear Divine Feminines,

Spirit gave this message (on 18th August actually).

“What happens when Divine Feminine surrender? What happens when they let go the need to control about the outcomes, when they let go the how, when, what, why, where as well as let go the need to analyzing every single word, action or non-action, respons or no respons from Divine Masculine, and/or think, rethink, overthinking every byte of the whole Twin Flame’s journey. When DFs surrender, there is no blame game anymore, no drama. They are looking and going inward instead of looking outward and seeking approval from the outside (external). They are more care about what’s happening internal, in their inner world. They are less triggered.
When the DFs surrender, they feel the nudge to becoming more in alignment with God/Universe or Higher Self, in order to understand themselves more, to love themselves more and to flow with life more. In other words, they are doing their inner work in order to be in alignment with who they really are. And they find peace, ease and serenity within themselves.

And this left Divine Masculine with no other choice but to go within, surrender either.
Since, in each of us we have the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine aspects.
The Soul, your Soul does not consist of only Feminine or only Masculine – regardless in which gender physical body you are in now. Your Soul is both Feminine and Masculine.
The whole Twin Flame’s Journey and the “separation stage” is only the process / the journey in balancing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects within you, within your own Soul.
When one Divine Counterpart get more and more balance within herself/himself, there is no way around that her/his Divine Counterpart becoming more balance within themselves either.”

light and love

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