Hello, my name is Dyan Andriana Kostermans. I was born in Indonesia and living in Germany. I love writing and translating and travelling. (No wonder if I had been working more than 10 years as a journalist and multimedia-editor at the German Foreign’s Media Services). I’ve been already interesting in spiritual things.

As „surprisingly“ my employment contract ended in June 2013, i fall a part in a big crisis. In the midst of my anger, depression, desperate and all of the mixture of bad moods, the only way was (and is) going inward, licking my wounds. I started to follow my spiritually path, learn to find (remember) myself again, and my life being easier after that. Since I learn to see many things in my life through another point of view 🙂

***Actualized by March 2017: After such a turn, after so much life lessons, “surprisingly” the path brings me back to a “new” work I really love doing it at my “former” company I really love.***

This blog is my contribution to the whole, to the Universe. Cause the Universe as a WHOLE is not complete without YOU and I.

I also put out political/financial informations about Global Collateral Accounts. Cause it’s  a part of our Planet (Earth) History, the history you’d better know about.

In Light and Love

Dyan (kosmosindo)

I AM a part of Light like YOU always ARE. I was born in Indonesia and living in Germany. I love writing and creating texts as well as translating. This is the way I express myself.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi….I am Rudy Hanggi i like Your writing….and I think is all about you writte is depent on the Moment and the timing is going to comming up……..nice to know u
    my English is not good….sorry…


  2. Hello Rudy, thank you for your message.
    Nice to know you too.
    Yes it is. what I’m writing or translating is depend on my “here and now” situation or…sometimes…the call of my soul to translate a certain message/article.

    If you would like to write in Indonesian to leave a comment just do feel free. I am happy to answer it in Indonesian too.

    Light and Love


    • Salam Dear Aris, terima kasih banyak pesannya dan…senang sekali tahu Aris baca jeshua.net
      Saya akan sampaikan salamnya kepada Ibu Pamela Kribbe. Kalau mau, kirim email langsung ke Ibu Pamela Kribbe (just say hello)pasti beliau dan suaminya senang dapat email dari Jakarta.

      Sampai bertemu di jeshua.net atau di sini:-)

      Light and Love


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